phantom pain

how does one feel what is not there
alone is what I crave

loneliness slave

A muscle pumping with lack of air
King of the jungle lacking brave
a knave pulling out happiness from a rock
A writer grieving at the loss of his hands
rightfully blocked

how does ones describe something one does not know how to describe
how does one allow themselves to keep breathing if one is no longer alive
tin man lacking a metallic heart
this man creates shitty art
Artist’s feces up for display
Artemis’ striptease to Orion turned him to clay

how it creeps up out of its own manifestation
how it seeps down into his roots to bloom again in response to his creation
a man made out of straw longing for knowledge
blown away by a straw of ignorance acknowledged
in attempts to find bliss in the existence of ones self
exempt of a wish that would grant him of what he once felt


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