The items collected lay in the clutches of the shopping cart
Patiently waiting for the momentum of the line to start
Waiting for the clerk to call him up to purchase his items
He’s got a soul to fulfill, he’s purchased about five of them
Returned them all as they’ve all been defective
“You’ll feel better if you pray” well isn’t that subjective

Never forcing the goodness of his heart
He attempts to show his true self in word art
Because he’s quite a shitty painter
But he’ll paint a beautiful picture with a ton of scripture
Never mind with the run on thoughts
Let’s take a look at the receipt full of items he’s just bought

The first item is a striped shirt to express the adoration of patterns he has
For example the perpetual state of
self destruction he places himself dragged
Telling his mother he has goals and intends on reaching them
But never follows through and lesson after lesson, Mama keeps teaching him
The second item is a magenta colored buttoned shirt so deep
You can almost visualize the emotion that creeps out of the crevice where his mind belongs
Belongings grow, but never do the answers to the questions he doesn’t even know.

He has purchased these items and walks for the exit.
A blank slate, he takes a walk into hell’s gates.


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