for nothing and some (unused bars)

another one night stand once more

another morning of me waking up on the floor
right next to a bottle of you just fucked a whore
life lacks substance
but there’s plenty of substance abuse
getting used to the feeling
of having no feelings at all
numbness ain’t shit taking down my walls
but when you come around you seem to dismember my greatness
and your fragrance defeats me
wishing you’d introduce yourself
but you have no name
staring at me like I’m halfway sane
speaking to me like I have half of a brain
at this point I’m half thinking the same
at least I have you somewhat entertained
I’ve danced with the devil in the bleached sunlight
We waltz with each other every drunk Saturday night
at dawn, alcoholism takes me to brand new heights
I’m ready to jump off
I remember when you told me my heart was soft as you continued to eat it
I didn’t mind cause you gave me some pussy and I continued to beat it
the devils drink hangs from my lips
accompanied by her brother vomit spit
and death keeps teasing me with her perky little ribs
thinking this night I might finally go in for the kill
a climactic euphoria that for sure isn’t real
I’m sure I keep boring ya with the same old schpiel
about each and every night and the things that I feel
trust me I don’t even know what comes out of my mouth
but when I’m too drunk too come way down south I start to contemplate what life is about
because if I ain’t drunk or fucking
I’m always reflective and regretting something
maybe it’s the art I create that enthralls the lingering hate
or maybe it’s the countless amount of women I continue to date
either way at the end of the day I continue to drink till I end up thrown on the floor
only to awake next to another alcoholic whore


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