found self laying in a field of tulips
can’t remember why
stood up to find no imprint of where once laid
curious as to why
furious at a clueless sky
tulips bleed to red
starts running to find an end
found a path down to a beach
the orange melted off the sun
staring at it
when did
go blind?
yellowing of the sand
questions of whether God is a man
must’ve already met him then
for if that were true
then God is you
not present tense
a little God contained
through passed down genes
green grass stains linger on pale jeans
finding the blue in green
searching on for miles
a look so keen
a sign to explain the situation
purple lilies overfill the grave
until black
realizing with whites in eyes
heaven is a rainbow
watching from afar
stuck in purgatory


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