a drag in a mirror maze

he fancied a cigarette
with a side of coffee
he inhaled

he couldn’t tell if
the smoke
belonged to the cancer stick
or cup of the average joe

something caught his attention
as women would
but there were no demons in sight
only a devil
staring back at him
with eyes black as night

he then looked up
to a familiar face
one that his eyes
never thought they’d behold again

the one
a memory from the past
but this was present
an odd one

he had lived this scene once before
thinking possibly he had died
but he couldn’t decide whether this was heaven
or hell
because she was everything he ever wanted
but the reason why his soul is forever haunted

she questioned his puzzled looks
with a smile on her face
words slipped from her mouth
all he could do is greet her with joy
had he been given a second chance
did he grant the devil a pale moonlit dance
in exchange for his soul
to behold the one
who made him whole

oh what joy
how history could be changed
how happy would overthrow deranged
a second chance
this is what it seemed to be
if only
time travel could be

he exhaled
tormented young daydreamer
he hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before
smoke filled the air
and his coffee was now thrown on the floor


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