stuttering attraction

at last
the atlas of his architecture
beholding the bond of her betrothed
creatively captivating his
death dances in-definitely with life until it is but
eyes are but the beholders of love that emboss
forever frozen he is the one that seems free
guaranteed that she is greater than any grand entity with a G
he is hellishly attracted to her heart of heaven
ignorant and indifferent to finding the reasons of his and her intertwining
just as fuel jumps out of a jet engine, her jewels have been jettisoned
kindness is kerosene not worth kindling
Love is long gone lingering by half a lung
mingling with macaroons and mocha mugs
nevertheless she gives him nothing less, a nun undressed to nothingness
ordering her to oppress the orphans known as
people, with organs that are like prophetic pieces of propaganda with peroration
questioning quotes on the Quran
her quotas must be
he is relentless, she is regretful
she rarely resents him for putting her subjects to rest
he suggests space-time is the succubus surmounting her success
she tenderly tests how much she can transgress him
she can tell his true intentions, no need to undress him
he is death
she is life
unconscious she is of his unknowing
he is unfortunately undergoing
venomous vexation
she took the standing Oh and left the vation
wherever she wanders he wonders her way
he can’t be without her
xylose for diabetics, death is xenon
youth and the beyond, life is yellow and death is the black after the yawn
zillions will die, zillions will live
the zodiacs will zig and zag
but death will always worship life as if she was a ziggurat


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