in between the lines

when she was dropped into the world
a line arose.
a stem that grew the rose.

when she first learned to read and write.
a 4 bar became.
a leaf sprouted.

when she wrote her first poem.
a stanza was written.
the rose bloomed.

when she first fell in love.
a poem was created.
a garden flourished.

when she got her first heart broken.
a poem was destroyed, in fact all of it was.
there was a drought. the roses died.

when he first met her.
his poems became exceptional.
the roses started to bloom again.

when they grew accustomed to one another’s presence.
his and her poetry became novels.
the roses became presents.

when they fell in love.
their words became everyday conversation.
the roses intertwined.

when they die.
the words will live forever.
the dead roses hang above their graves.


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