the moons eternity

i took a stroll outside my apartment and climbed onto my roof. there, i watched the sun set, listening to makeout videotape, travis bretzer and isaiah rashad. a girl in my apartment complex kept staring at me, i gave her a smile back. too much, we give blank stares that get misinterpreted as ‘leave me alone’. i continued staring at god’s canvas, with the beautiful orange hues and deep, dark blues. i laid back, looking zenith directly in its existence. i could almost make out the constellations, but they weren’t yet ready to move on to second base. another girl came out of her apartment to greet me. it was a friend. asked me why i was so lonesome? i prefer my own company sometimes. i have been so damn busy, my own thoughts don’t have time to settle. she came up top on the roof with me. if it were any other woman, i would’ve kissed her. but she is settled and in love with her soon to be ’til death do us’ part-er. i respected that. she always speaks about her lover. if only he knew how obsessed she seemed to be. he’d probably wish to trade spots with me. as she was in mid description of her affections, i cut her off and told her to watch the moon rise. it was some sort of astral projection, i swear it. the moon was large and took up a great fraction of the sky. the moon was bright and i could see its reflection in my own eyes. the moon was full and in that moment, so was i. in a matter of minutes, the moon revealed itself from the Berkeley hills. i had recently fallen out of love with a black cat, but left me she did as she was more in love with the moon then i. but in that moment, i fell in love with the moon as well. so, she came into my mind but left just as quickly. the moon was now well above me, and so was the alcohol as it poured into my mouth. tonight is date night, and i hope things don’t go south. my date seems to be heavily interested in me, but i’m unfortunately indifferent. scared to invest, for fear of another great depression. so, here i watch the moon. with its cratered surface. i wonder if it watches us back, knowing she’s heaven and we’re all stuck in this infernal furnace.


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