i was staring at the foliage while on ecstasy

elise said, “if i don’t have anything interesting to say
i won’t say anything at all”
santiago replied, “you never shut the fuck up”
elise yelled “exactly, you fuck”
i laid back.
through the ground, my body was sensation.
elise noticed, giving me a smile.
“where the fuck are you?” she sarcastically asked.
“places you’ll never be” i sighed.
she stared at me, intent on wanting me to stare back.
i just saw through her, as i always do, even in a normal state.
she knew i could do this, she hated me for it, but she called me
a soulmate.
santiago was come and go, never really stuck around when he was pulsing and vibrating through dimensions.
but he was my best friend, the only friend i had at that.
santiago groaned “when will it end?”
elise moaned “whenever loverboy decides to wake up”.


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