romantic comedy

somewhere in between
lost and unseen.
addicted to many drugs
and love
is the worst.
cocaine doesn’t ignore my calls.
heroin doesn’t leave me with withdrawals
as bad as this.

i’ve tried them all,
in search of an equal,
a familiar feeling.
i’m dehydrated;
alcohol to quench my thirst.
but these rash attempts have only left my nose a little more runny
with marks that you can play connect the dots with.

i started out with a line,
but now i’m snorting novels.
i started out with a high,
now it’s just being able to function.
i started out with a sip, but now it has become bottles.
when you whispered this is it,
the sound waves left me hung; dead.

i think romance is kind of funny,
it’s a killing joke.
i hear the laugh reel ensue,
as i light up another smoke.

sometimes when i’m coming down,
i hear your laughter.
i reflect on the great times, but they’ve been drowned.
let me snort another chapter.


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