city life

I’m fine;
the long days are beat by the long nights.
Insomnia is domestically violent towards sleep.

The neighbors are fine;
the moans can be heard down the street accompanied by ‘you’re so tight’.
If these walls could talk, their eyes would weep.

My lover is fine;
she ignores me constantly and drowns my voice out with ‘The Frights’.
What’s a true love without wanting to sit on the cliff and possibly take a leap.

The city is fine;
Everyone believes themselves to be a star but are dimmer than most street lights.
When she’s charging through the crowd with earphones full blast to ignore the city, everyone stares at her like she’s some kind of creep.

The bridge is fine;
Holding onto everyone and every single one of their dreams protecting them from the sea like knights.
If only the bridge would decide to one day take a rest, let go and let its cables finally relax and breathe.


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