a jester attempting to win over the queens heart
when she already loves a king but love sweet became tart.
the clown plotted and beat the king with a black club until the bat was as red as a blood diamond.
the queen looks upon the bloody mess and to the jester, her ace of spades, as he spades the ground to dig the king his grave.
for the jester was always a perfect match for the queen, even if they weren’t a pair.
the jester could always keep a straight flush upon her face, something that the king would never do.
but a jester is a jester, to win it all he’ll never tell the truth.


(4 years ago)
read the cards back to me.
tell me what your crystal ball sees.

I see a girl.
Of course I see a girl.
I could only ever see either you or a girl.
Nonetheless, she’s a lioness who possesses the same arduous mentality such as your world.
‘Would she like to take a chance with a guy like me?’
Highly likely.
I see music notes flowing out of each of your ears, but death for the both of you seems to be always near.
It’s something you adore rather than fear, especially when each of you are under the influence of a Corona or any other kind of beer.
Yes, happiness for the both of you is attainable and each you will find a mirror instead of merely relatable.
The only factor that will separate you two, is the distance between two burning suns.
Distance that will seem light years a part.
Sometimes you will talk every once in awhile,
but one day sprout magic out of thin air as if written by the stars.
And you know for a fact stars could write, because you watch her write poetry every single night.
How art drives the both of you.
It seems the lovers were placed on the table for a reason.
Two Suns who will always have an eternity of a summer season.


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