the mans got dimension

the mans got dimension.

he is the 0th dimension the single man in the empty space
a man with apprehension always expecting his reality to be erased

the first is always linear
he hates the space between
he’d rather get to the point

the second is a plane
where you see his surface
yet not deep enough to know he is insane
but you can attempt to find the truth in his ex and why did she leave me axis

the third is space
the reality in which we think we live in
and the concept she told me to give in
in this dimension he is a falling star
out-shined by the gamma rays of a quasar

the fourth is space-time
the answer to his problems
always seem light years away
these lines allow you to take a look inside his mind
maybe the aliens can solve them
god cannot provide the sign but somehow created this world in seven days

the fifth is the mirror
a world in which the man never became a poet
where he didn’t have a reason to write
all the answers were in knowing
and he went to sleep with a smile on his face every night with art worth showing
the man converses with this reality all the time
to see how things are from the other side

the sixth is a plane of possible worlds
in which all of his choices
are drastically different
in one world, he became a painter with vast success
in another, it was very early that he lost his breath
the start is always the same
he always ends up with same cursed last name
without a man in his life to hold the blame

the seventh is a multiverse of possibilities
in some of these universes the man never existed
but the feeling persisted
in one reality the big bang occurred
in another a universe rose out of his cigarette flicker
the man seems to be an inter-dimensional traveler
seeing all of these different universes come true
and unravel to become you
nothing seems to be truly truth

the eight goes on infinitely
as does the man
the man opens the door to the multiverse for you chivalrously
the mans got dimensions that you could never understand

the ninth throws out all the known laws of physics
it is truly unknown
he’s been at this self discovery for years
he just wants to get home

the tenth is infinity itself
how the dimensions can go on and on it all seems like babble
his universe is merely another book in a shelf
in the infinite library of babel


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