a waltz for venus

her and i
celestial objects
revolving around one another.

her and i
gravitate until our surfaces connect
binary stars that supernova when they kiss each other.

her eyes
the stars that dance across the sky
the zenith i stare into on the concrete where i lie.

her goodbyes
always a pain to hear
like being stabbed by three musketeers.


she tells me
i make her feel like
she is on the planet venus.

little does she know
she makes me feel like i am witnessing
the birth of the universe every time she opens those eyes to see us.

she tells me
she’ll never get bored of the dance
we dance in the unseen plane of the solar system.

little did i know
i would ever get the lucky chance
to worship a goddess from a closer distance.

she is
as intense as the the molten planet
but as bright as the brightest of suns.

she is
a flower vase of baby’s breath
atop the finest of silks and watered in love.

she is
a baby pink nebula
whom i will never get tired of exploring.

she is
a high so euphoric
a waltz with venus is where i spend my space-time soaring.


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