earth’s lover

mother earth and her lover
how the two women gravitate around one another

earth is grounded
existing on its own
but the moon was the brightest thing at night
always accompanying her
crashing her waves
making earth’s ocean swell and dip
the moon always craved a sip
the earth is lush and glowing
full of green and water ever flowing
life emits rays of sunshine from its lands
sometimes the earth sends the moon some of her creations
abominations called man
but luna always forgives
revolving around her lover
she’d be just another floating space rock without her

the moon
dead and full of craters
but the earth loves every single one of her layers
the moon spins around her more lively looking counterpart
but she knows one day she’ll be far away from her heart
leaving her about an inch every year
the two lovers know the day is coming and space is what they fear
where will she go
who will make the earth’s oceans sway and flow

but truth be told
the earth knows she can exist all on her own
and the moon knows she knows as well
the moon will be nothing without her
and the earth knows this too
but one day the earth will let go
and the moon will just be another dead object in the distant sky she used to know


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