slave to sensation

I can never explain
Words are too plain
Letters are too normal
For my thoughts are abstract
Beyond the map
I’m so hopelessly lost in the pit of your eyes
I’ve died a billion times
Only to get my breathe back
When you make me feel alive

I adore you
My love for you goes so deep
It’s in my deoxyribose’s blueprints
You’ve left an imprint on my soul
Something intangible
But you’ve managed to do so
And then some
And when I come
I can feel you all around
Gripping me
Tipping me off the edge
stabbing my back with your nails as I give you head
But crucify me all you please
For you resurrect me
And you never leave

Slave to sensation
Field work is never laborious
As tending to you is my vacation

I’ll plow the fields with my fingers
Just to watch your flower cry
Sweet nectar
The apple of my hummingbirds eye


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