binge drinking

i’ve been blessed with a life
so why don’t i feel all right
my bartender asks me what’s wrong
you’re my therapist for the rest of this song

in the still of the night
what can make me feel all right?
he said go home and wrap yourself in sheets of satin
you’ve had too much to drink and something’s happening

why do you drink so much?
are you losing touch?
because i think too much
and when i fall i use the bottles to bring me back up

he said i have to cut you off
i said i already am going through withdrawals
i cut the rope before i even had a chance
i told the devil he could keep his dance

he said i’d love to help you out
but you’ve got to shut your mouth
i said i can’t help it
the bottles just seem to fly in
whether it’s a tequila or some gin

he asked why i started drinking in the first place
i said because alcohol is so addicting after first base


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