the silence is freshening
til death do us part
the voices are deafening
i’d rather be separate than a part
i do everything right
right that’s left wing
cause the right might destroy everything
i can’t stand the sight of faces
except my own
cause i collapse on it
as soon as i get alone
a lone star
that’s already gone bizarre
selling my face in a makeshift bazaar
i shapeshift
i make shit
i am it
i renounce any announcements
i spill all the paint in the bottomless pit
along with my accountant
since there’s no room left for disappointment

i’ll cancel my sunday appointments
if the devil shall wash my brain
with self loving ointment
cause holy water is just water
and i was thirsty
do you forgive me for taking a sip?
am i rebirthed if i bless my pool
and take a dip?

heaven on earth
make believe
you choose what you want to see
no longer a sight of me


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