time forgot

a forgotten watch at a lover’s den
did the time stop?
suiting it’s purpose until the end
did it tick and tock when emptiness filled thought?

every once in awhile
when the good times rolled back into memory
did the watch pick up where it left off?

did my time end and yours merely begin?
did the seconds catch up to the first time we spoke again?

time paused for this watch
remaining static within a box
of pictures and poems
was time erased when you whispered ‘I wish I never known him’s?

does the hour hand freeze
when our hands leave
one another?
the minute hand is absolute zero hoping one day it’ll hit midnight once again with its

the nanoseconds
glares in between
every second
lips intervened
every minute
to ponder one another’s theme
every hour
the wonder if this is peace
every day
you said you loved me

did that all freeze
into ice
and melt away?

exiled out of your mumbling abode
the walls spoke to me pensive
wondering if anything ever mattered
the loved you claimed
the words I wrote

was this love a self determined one way mirror?
where time stood still on the losers side
and time jogged joyfully without even saying goodbye
for the victor

but no one really won in this war of love
the only thing lost

the watch was forgotten
not on purpose
but by accident

our love was rotten
not on accident
but by purpose

maybe it wasn’t our time
but this is for certain
stealing is a crime
replaced my love and replaced it with feelings of burden

but time
is your worst enemy
your best friend
the beginning
the end

time placed us
in similar continuums
once again
but it was as if time hadn’t changed at all?
as if heartbreak and fall
stood up and took some Tylenol

but with this watch back in possession
and this bed containing flesh who have eyes of obsession
two time travelers who couldn’t find similar affection
travelled to the future where one day
spending time with a soulmate
was an infinitely answered question


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