her body moved like a serpent
Probably was
nobody’s figured out a purpose
flawlessly succumbs

but in the moment
she’s uh-zoned out
here I am foaming
at the mouth
the serpent grabs my snake
says I’m well endowed
she tells me to take a bite
out the forbidden fruit now

she says
save the questions for later
her lips speak française
In dire need of a translator

but in the moment
I’m uh-zoned out
seeking fast atonement
but she won’t let me down
she’s uh-chosen
insides coming out my mouth
my heart is broken
but to her I’m just another mouse

she’s lead me to a maze
promises a prize at the end
she swears she’s a woman of faith
but hisses when she hears a man

maybe this time
she’ll be easy on me
I’m reciting every line
Will God hear my pleads?
But she’s a God of mine
Even the lord has needs

She’s constricting me
She’s got me on my knees
and arms and she’s kissing my head


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