adored affliction

baby I don’t know
what you’re doing to me
but you’re stopping my flow
you’re heating up my sea

I think I like it
the way it feels
cause everything is plastic
pain’s the only thing that’s real

no matter what you say
no matter what you do
you’ll always be my babe
and I’ll always adore you

Even the stars are jealous
at how much I stare at your pictures
Dreaming of constellations
Those shiny little fixtures

I know you’re bad for me
The doctor says stay away
But I don’t believe them
My heart says a dose of you
a day will keep the doctor away

I’ll go to the emergency room
The bringer of my doom
But I can’t help it
I can’t help it

You’ll be singing at my grave
I’m your eternal slave
My heart can take it
Can take it

Adored affliction
A harmful prescription
I wish it wasn’t fiction
Our love was always fantasy


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