amoebic candy

do cells adjust their senses to the light?
is that why my skin grew hills whenever I witnessed artificial sunshine?

there was nothing artificial about you. you were wo(man)-made but I swore the sun revolved around you.
Binary star, are the molecules familiar with who you are?

Our cells interacted, some even eloped.
Others might have attacked each other. White blood cells felt the constant battle between bodily fluids. A little spit couldn’t hurt nobody. But antibodies manifested themselves when I was ill and you took the pain away. Granted, you were the infection that got away.

The molecules that make us up, couldn’t fathom the bond we created.
Covalent limbs intertwined that could never be separated.
Down to the atom, ours were never at rest.
They were kinetic, faster than light, bouncing off one another due to the eternal heat that we drew.
But now that it’s come to a close, do the protons feel negative?

With every lick and greeting of skin, bacteria was exchanged.
Next time my cells will recognize you, they will attack as soon as exposure occurs.
Neurons will shoot messages to make memory into blur.
The notion that our cells ever combined, will become absurd.


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