blonde helicopter

profuse spinning towards an indefinite heaven
dazzling acrobatics of the mind leads to excedrin
if this vessel had no limit
the ride would never end
gaining altitude to cope with reality in the land of pretend

she claims she takes vacations occasionally
definitions are but opinions
and her’s is fact
she takes control of the trip nasally
keeping her beautiful arms a little more intact

she’s never ridden a train before
but she’s familiar with the tracks
sometimes her clients leave her a little sore
but the revenue makes her numb and speed she never lacks

sometimes auto pilot becomes option
sometimes she let’s others take control
to keep the height rising she’d place her own vessel on auction
she’d pay the Angels any toll

there are days where she wants to come down, calm down, and cut down
but she’s so high now
afraid the helicopter will lose altitude into the ocean and she’ll drown

she lives dangerously
she’ll live like this until the fuel says e
spiraling down like the death of her ego
even the stars declare her stunts as illegal
a shooting star is what she has now become
her helicopter is a fireball burning with the withdrawal of her fulfilling sun


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