the triangles sing to me

every day the world’s whispers get a little louder
telling me to pluck one of her flowers
how much power she has
in my insignificance she calls my hour glass
shapes and colors have voices of their own
trying to sing to me and blow my trombone
I should’ve jumped off the building with my microphone
but I got stage fright
and every night the crowd tells me they want an encore
a final show of my one hit wonders
they promise a standing ovation til they too are on the floor
they throw roses and a mound of splunder
for the man who put asunder
you’ll never see me beg the man who takes off our wings and puts us under

I am what I am and I am what I eat
for the past couple days it hasn’t been much
along with the unaccounted for sleep
my cells repel even the tenderest of touch
even my own hand melts with this meat that I clutch

Sometimes I want to give in and say screw all the women
They must have insect repellant
Flying serpent mistaken for an angel craving protein and she can smell it
I’m all rudimentary my dear Watson
Contemplating things that’ll land me in the pentitiary and get the badged swine flocking

I’m obtuse
Where’s the noose?
I’ve always wanted fame, you’ll see me on the news.
just a song bird singing the blues.

relax is what I keep hearing
as the people who keep telling me that are disappearing
I don’t even have the keys to the car I’m steering
Going with the flow
Everytime I’m about to sin I let my local priest know
I have God in my top five
Asking him the question why just as I’m about to stage dive
I’m sick of working a 9 to 5 but I dropped out of college
Couldn’t handle the mileage
So I got off the path less travelled
How I’m still here even I’m baffled

Maybe one day I’ll acquire a gown and a tassle
It’s all up to Destiny at this point
I tipped her well with white Zinfandel she called me an infidel and took my joint
She told me speak to Karma and maybe she’ll make a difference but i’m sure she thinks i deserve to hang at an angled viewpoint


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