la peau vide
blemished and barren
mi piel de miel es amargo

tout est pareil
with wrinkles whispering
en idiomas que aún no se han hablado

ils parlent de moi
i wish they would shut up
pero cuando yo rompo mi piel, se curan

y por un tiempo, apagan
i’ve slugged out of tight crevices before
la même danse avant et arrière tous les soirs

¿lo que queda?
something revered as almost too human
nous avons tous glissé à la fin

i’m not
much to look at now
but wait
until ecdysis is in full effect
the parasites don’t experience much change
as they fed on emptiness before

skin glistening
like blood pooling down
under the mortician
watch me
forget about the past
like a magician

but too bad
time has favored us disgraceful serpents
that could never possess
the beauty of shedding
as we grow and become

i envy
the scales drifting against texture
rarely prey
relinquishing their past
turning scales of solemn
to relic


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