what’s on your mind?

i know you still question
i wonder the same
when it comes to being sane
anything but
too many times
it was the wrong time
too many ‘i love you, but…’s
every chance i get
i gaze in your eyes
just in case i forget

i stick around
like support for a growing tree
but i know one day
you won’t need me
if only i could make you see
you’re the moon that ripples my sea
every second spent with you
feels like peace
i have to stab myself
to make sure clarity is not a dream

the first thing i wake up to
is visions of me once loving you
and once in awhile you give me the privilege
of being in the same bed as you

how i crave
not your lips
nor your tits
but your infinite affection
none of this ephemeral bullshit you call
i’m a slave to the
expressions you make
when i say
you are my forever

i won’t lie
sex is prime
but the reasons i am immersed in you
are composite

the thought of you
it brings me suffering and longing
so when you say i’m just in love with a concept
i disagree
i know you are not sublime
you are rigid
and cold
but when we are together
the thought of you
becoming serene reality


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