allow me to go over the scene with you

the faint whispers of dead rockstars howling over harmonious spinal chords
from deadpan to screeching shuttles of city sounds
the auditory waves loom overhead
crashing into his ear canals
the gondolas sway back and forth sporadically through earwax
docking themselves onto his dendrites
and bequeathing feeling to be expressed
the frequency of bed sheets colliding lessened the more comfortable they became
the noise that escaped the caverns of her mouth gave him the utmost complacency all the same
the lights hum with luminosity
as the yells of neon bounce off of her eyes

they always end up here
on her bed
it feels like a time capsule where the moments are incredibly still
when she says that she love him
his head becomes an echo chamber
bouncing sound clips off the walls at 340.29 meters a second
but sometimes they find escape
out of the prison of his cranium
and he forgets if she still likes the sound of his heart
or if she’s disgusted by the very thought of his sighs
she still questions him
but he sings to her the replies she longs to hear
he’s drowning
and sound travels four times faster in water than it does in air
he wonders if she’s begun to feel smothered by his constant wonders

Don’t drown me out because you’ll hear me even more efficiently
Suffocate me with 200 decibels render me useless
And when you look at me and tell me you’ve got nothing to say anymore
The silence bursts my ear drums and I vomit my organs out

the most pleasant noise
that has ever ridden the rims of my ear
is your voice
pitched high and indigent
sure you wail with the vibrancy of a trillion suns but you outshine all these dim satellites
that’s how I know you’re the one

my tongue has mistaken your sounds for flavor
I crave you near
I’d prefer death over deafness
because your pleasant melody would never grace the folds of my grey matter
when it comes to adams and subject matter
your symphony is a chorus that bears no match
not even the trumpets at heaven’s gates hold contest
you may even hiss curses in my ear
but you will always be the delightful eve of sound my dear


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