i started reading the dictionary today


I wish there was a scratch and sniff for words
like ‘the’ and ‘a’
would they smell like reality
or dark matter
they’re there but just to occupy space
sort of like my existence
I actually tried to look up ‘my existence’
in the little, thick book
but I couldn’t find any meaning

my favorite word in the dictionary
is word
described by other meaningful words
but definitions are nothing but different perspectives
and the viewpoint can change so quickly
from Apartment to Balcony to Concrete
words are all the same
equally uninviting
but they give you warmth
and sometimes they give you sense of the world
when I’m flipping through these pages
it’s almost as if I hear them whisper
keep going
well I do
in hopes of finding the right combination of letters to describe the way that I’m feeling
I reach the end disappointed but hopeful for the next edition


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