compartmentalized heaven

— and the Christians open the gates to their opinion of god
the Muslims rest their heavy hearts in Jannah
the Buddhists die over and over again until they reach nirvana
the Atheists lay imprisoned in their coffins with their know it all facades

the Taoists sway like the trees with their effortless action
the Mormons fall off their ladders while on the way to their palaces
the Hindus look both ways when crossing the road following eternal law
the Junkies beg to the drug dealers in search of bliss and less crashes

Heaven resides in an office building that is up for lease in a few months
the Christians and Muslims share the first floor
always crusading over who gets the dominant space
the Buddhists take the second floor
— they hate the noise from downstairs when they decide to reach inner peace
the Atheists take the third floor
unsure of themselves when they see religion pass as they go up and down the elevator
the Taoists take the fourth floor
windows wide open and their souls go with flow of the breeze
the Mormons take the fifth floor
with ladders that lead up to the ceiling and vaults that keep their sins hidden away
the Hindus take the fifth floor
leasing this space out before any of the other inhabitants they have grown old and somewhat forgotten
the Junkies take the roof
just in case their heaven becomes stale and empty
and they realize they need something more down to earth


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