I am whatever

here I am in the wonderland of space-time stuck wondering of what could’ve been and what I should’ve did
asking plastic mannequins what it is to live
walking with shin splints but the pain is absolved with lit spliffs
kissing death harshly on her pelvic lips
don’t even gotta to say to spit she’s already leaking with a lisp with a tender touch that is beyond crisp
got the blood leaking out of crips
blood is always blue besides when air touches it
Using cheat codes on my wii fit
with heavy legs that I have yet to lift
Death is always tapping on my shoulder and I know it’s her but I refuse to turn back with eyes focused on forward
I refuse to have this high lowered
I am not afraid of the endless black unlike a white man who claims he’s having his whole existence attacked
But no complaints occur when they put us on our back and create the tracks of this train that runs us over insane and into angry colored folk we become fact
But enough of that
I am corners of the wall
I am the echo that fills the emptied halls
I am the cigarette calling your name rubbing the clit of your withdrawals
I am the I ams and I am when I land into face plants and ions of mount Zion
I am a vagabond and a settler
I am free and I am tethered
I am quality and flea market leather
I am the numbers and the letters that make up this space-time
I am the better
I am the worse
I am your hunger I am your thirst
Cast aside pride along with other worldly possessions
Leave reality obsession
Into the unknown and out to dethrone the voice in your head telling you that you’re better off dead
With a head full of lead or neck snapped or wrist cut or swallowed pills filling your gut
One in the same like crying spells and busting nuts
The back of my being contains hyper-masculine truck drivers
and gay men who are nail filers
I shape shift into whatever I want me to be
A key to the universe that keeps expanding the multiversed me


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