in and out of conscious conversations about whether fate is destined upon us
like senile elderly folk we recall the first day we met as if it was the day before yesterday
perhaps we are a multiple choice question mistakenly written in with two correct answers
Always choosing to go with gut feeling
But somehow still ending up wrong

The places we take one another without even having to leave the floor
Crackheads with an itch scratching one another’s necks as cats do in their down time
If only we could live day before yesterday’s each and every day
Pulling hair calling you my world
hoping the Earth would spin in reverse

And one day the moon will leave the earth
Year by year it inches away cutting its ties from its companion
But there you go pulling the sheets when I inch nearer
Reversing the minutes of our solar system to the point where earth and the moon divided
Bedroom of space-time the walls sweat with condensation
Longing for day before yesterday’s where black holes weren’t the heaviest things in the universe


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