C’est la vide!

Click on the link above to access my second book, “C’est la vide!”

This book encompasses the concepts and meanings of tarot cards, all 22 major arcana, in my perspective, in poetic form. Be they indirect as hell, speaking of the imagery on the cards, or my own interpretations and tangents, this work is a conceptual piece that is cyclical in nature, such as the cards themselves. Some may seem unrelated to the original interpretations to the cards, but I promise, there is a deeper meaning to every single entry in this book. Yes, I am playful, sarcastic and not at all serious in these passages, but these words come straight from the heart. The drawings are all done by me, although, I took some inspiration by looking at other artists drawings as well, but I made it all my own. Please leave some feedback in the comment section, and enjoy!





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